So Malta didn’t make it to the final. But were you really expecting anything else? Let’s forget for a moment about the bloc voting. The songs we send are consistently pretty awful. Yes, Thea has a lovely voice; yes, she’s cute. But really? Have you heard the lyrics?

This is my dreeeeeeeam
I want to make it really happen
And make my dream come true.

I mean, if I had a five-year-old kid and they wrote lyrics like that, I would yell at them, ground them, and give them some Pink Floyd to listen to. They’re unacceptable, absolute drivel.

Face it, Malta: nobody wants to hear your crap ballads anymore. I say write something freaking awesome next year. Or better still, send Xtruppaw.



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5 responses to “Eurodidn’t

  1. Rodney Caruana

    Just a mention… Bloc voting is getting the main blame without any realization that as from this year 50% of the vote was cast by a jury.

    Congratulations on your blog btw, keep it up!

  2. They don’t even care if the song is good or not ahseb u ara kemm se jghatu kas il-lyrics hehe. It’s not Eurovision song contest anymore, it’s Eurovision neighbour contest.

    Bla sens (not you ta the Eurovision hehe)


  3. What part of her is “cute” exactly? 🙂

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