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I am fascinated by beginnings, by introductions. There is nothing quite like the first page of a new,empty notepad – the hesitation

before your pen scratches at the paper, leaving your mark, marking your territory. That blank page: so clean and so rich with possibilities.

Nothing quite like the first page of a novel, as its words jump off the page and into your mind (into your heart if it’s really good), introduces itself – ‘Hi, I’m a bildungsroman, and you and I are going to be great friends.’

So here’s mine.

My name is Davinia. I was born in 1987 in Malta, Europe. I am a sub-editor for a major Maltese newspaper. I am also an actress, a musician and a writer. I am an incurable bookworm, so I graduated University with a degree in English (literature, theory, linguistics). I cannot help but smile when people recite Shakespeare, and my favourite poem is The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot.

I live in an apartment with my partner, Andrew. We probably consume more coffee than we should and watch too many TV shows.

I take photos of things I find either beautiful or funny, and I sometimes draw when I’m alone (though I’m not particularly good at it). I am a tribal belly dancer, and I also dance like no one’s watching quite often, especially when no one is watching.

I have the travel bug, and have travelled extensively. I have not, however, been to Asia. This is why Japan, Thailand and India are on my list of places to visit, along with Australia, Hawaii and Canada. I would also love to take a road-trip across the US.

I like to cook, which is why you’ll probably see quite a few photos of food here. I also have too many clothes for my own good.

I promise to update this blog regularly, and properly.

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